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Domestic Construction in St Helens

If you need construction work to be carried out on your home, finding a reliable business with the building skills you require can be difficult. Whether you want major work carrying out like a refurbishment or extension construction or something minor such as repairs to your roof, you should be looking for a company that has a good range of experience and a solid reputation in area.

At HDL in St Helens, we’ve been handling domestic construction projects for local home owners for over the best part of 40 years. One of our key attributes is that we are able to give no-nonsense and honest advice and guidance to our potential customers. Not only that, we make sure we have the right professionals on hand for the job that needs doing should you decide to hire us.

That means if you need a plasterer, you get someone with considerable years of experience and training in plastering. The same goes for when you want a bricklayer, plumber or electricians. Many of our current staff have been with us for 10 or 20 years, so we can be pretty sure you are going to get the expertise and standard of construction you are looking for.

Great Project Management

For those major domestic construction jobs, you’ll want someone who can take it through from beginning to end. For example, if you are planning a loft conversion or want to extend your kitchen there are numerous things you have to take into account before you get to the finished article. You don’t have to worry about getting this or that service with HDL because we can manage everything seamlessly for you.

We also have close links with several leading architects in the St Helen’s area, so if you want to plan a domestic construction project from scratch, we can put you in contact with some of the best in the business and work with them to deliver on your dream.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whether you need help solving a damp problem, want to get a bedroom redecorated or require something more intensive like a home extension or structural alterations to a room, you can be sure of a professional job. Our ethos is always to provide our customers with the quality job they want at a competitive price. We make sure we do this by sourcing the right, proven materials and using the appropriate methods for a job.

Add to this that we’re some of the tidiest builders you’re ever likely to meet and you can understand why HDL has such a good reputation in the St Helen’s area.

If you want:

  • Minor alterations and work done on your home.
  • Major projects such as loft conversions, home alterations or extensions.
  • Damp proofing work.
  • Electrical installations and repairs.
  • Plumbing work, bathroom and kitchen installations.
  • Work undertaking on your roof or external structure.

At HDL, we can make sure you have the professional team in place who can quickly deliver everything you require. For quality domestic construction work in St Helen’s, there’s no better team – we’ve got all the experience and building know-how, a straightforward, honest approach and a commitment to quality that is second to none in the region.


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Design & Building Services in St Helens

Finding the right builder who can take your project from the design concept right through to completion can be difficult. Often you have to use one design company and then look for another business that can then implement it.

At HDL, we can do it all, taking your project from the initial sketches to the final construction.

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school renovation in St Helens

Construction & Renovation Work for Schools in St Helens

Updating or improving existing structures in your school normally involves a big undertaking. Because of this, you want to be sure you are employing a construction company that knows exactly what it is doing. HDL is a family owned business, experienced at delivering high quality build and refurbishment projects for schools across the St Helens area.


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commercial construction

Professional Building Services for Commercial Companies

If you are a commercial enterprise looking for building work to be undertaken, you need to make sure you get the right professionals for the job. At HDL, we have a wide range of experience available that allows us to work across several sectors. No building company worth its salt can deliver to their customers without the right structures and procedures in place.

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st helens builders

The Importance of Structural Alterations

Structural alterations can cover a wide range of building services and can include everything from adding a partition wall to a full blown extension that changes the look and layout of a home or office environment. At HDL we’ve worked on many different kinds of alteration over the years and the reasons for undertaking them vary from customer to customer.

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St Helens Builders

Damp Proofing Specialists in St Helens

At HDL, one of the most common structural problems we come across in buildings is damp. Particularly in old houses and businesses, it’s something that can cause damage to the walls and look unsightly but it can also be a health hazard if left unattended for too long. The good news is that it’s not something you have to live with and there is a solution at hand if you contact the right builder. Read more